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What Google Street View | Trusted looks like:

Your dealership says a lot about how you treat your customers. Show them inside on Google Maps and your website.

Click and drag your mouse above to experience North Valley Volkswagen in Thornton, Colorado. View larger on Google Maps

What Google Street View | Trusted does for your dealership:

  • Show customers inside your showroom and sales floor.
  • Show customers the service facilities and amenities.
  • Go outside—that’s right, we don’t just shoot indoors! Show your customers the selection and layout of your exterior.
  • Interactive virtual tour is easily embedded on your website and appears on your dealership’s Google+ page.

What you get with Google Street View | Trusted:

  • A photo session of your dealership, including anything you want to show to the world—your showroom,exterior, service department—anywhere at your location.
  • I create a 360-degree virtual tour of your dealership and upload it to Google.
  • I also upload regular still images of your dealership which appear on your Google Places/Google Plus Local photo gallery.
  • You own your photos! Meaning no licensing fees to use them in ads, on the web, in newsletters, on business cards, etc.
  • You pay one flat fee! You pay only when we shoot. No hosting fees, no licensing fees, no ongoing fees, period.
  • Update anytime. You control the regular stills on your Google Places/Google Plus Local photo gallery just like before. You can also hire us to reshoot to update your virtual tour when the new models come
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