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Let Customers see inside your business

Let Customers “See Inside” Your Business with Google Street View | Trusted

Since the official launch of Google Street View | Trusted, over 100,000 businesses have used the feature to virtually invite customers inside their doors. With the use of high-quality panoramic imagery and Street View technology, businesses have been able to offer customers an interactive tour without physically setting foot inside – perfect for showcasing the ambiance of a wine bar or the layout of a gym.

Check out our new video to see what Business Owners are saying about Google Street View | Trusted:


Over the past year, Google has made it even easier for customers to find Business Photos on Google SearchGoogle Mapsand Google+ Local; with just one click, you can now “See Inside” businesses from a computer or tablet.

Or, from your mobile phone click “See Inside” on the Place Sheet.

Google Maps on Android
Google Maps on iOS


I have Photographed plenty of Irish businesses and they are all very happy with the presence it gives them and the extra business it creates for them.

One business The Bike Rack had a new client march into the shop, straight over to the locks and immediately pick out what he was after, He headed to the counter and when asked
“how did you know what you wanted’ He said that he had just done the virtual tour. RESULT.


How can Google help my business get more customers?

Finally the search engine giant has provided a concrete way for a business to increase it’s page impressions through Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+ Local. Using high resolution panoramic imagery combined with street view technology, Google Street View | Trusted allows businesses to offer customers an interactive virtual tour of their establishment without physically setting foot inside.

How does this increase page impressions and traffic for a business? Google has made it easier for customers to find business locations that have added Google Street View | Trusted with appealing graphics that encourage users to “see inside” business locations. Only businesses with Google Street View | Trusted have the added graphics — so they stand out more in regular Google Searches as well as in Google Maps Searches.

In addition to increased prominence on Google Search and Maps, adding Google Street View | Trusted also enhances a business location’s Google+ Local Page with a link to the virtual tour as well as a set of professional high resolution still images. Both the virtual tour and the images are provided by Google Trusted Photographers which are private contractors trained and certified by Google to provide this service.

Google Street View | Trusted is Google’s first offering in the way of an on-demand advertising service that any business can call and order at their convenience. In an announcement on January 15th, Google stated that over 100,000 business owners have already added the service.

If you’d like to add Google Street View | Trusted for your business location, you may do so by contacting a Google Trusted Photographer.

New “See Inside” Graphic in Google Search Results

Google Business Photos Increases Exposure for Business Owners image SeeInside Browser redelipse 600x352

Google’s New Video Spot for Google Business Photos


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